Filmmaker Nienke Eijsink (pronounced ‘eyethink’, Borne 1977) works as an independent director for documentary film, item director for TV, self-shooting director for corporate films and visual director in theatre productions.

Her documentaries Fan (NCRV, Anna’s Story (AVRO) and Racer (AVRO) have been broadcast on (inter) national TV and screened at numerous (inter) national film festivals. 

She just finished the documentary Star! For AVRO and the European Broadcasting Union. This documentary took part in the Eurovision Children’s Documentary series 2012-2013 where it scored the maximum number of points and got rated highest by the participating countries. In fall of 2013 Star! will premiere at AVRO television.

Nienke is currently working on:

- ‘Man Bijt Hond’, reporter on a daily human interest / current affairs TV show for public broadcaster NCRV
– ‘Het geheim van…’ (The secret of…), director and producer for a new TV show for public broadcaster NCRV

– ‘Roots in Art’, executive producer for a documentary funded by Province Overijssel and Art Association Diepenheim

Nienke has her background in art: in 2001 she graduated with honors from the Willem de Kooning art school in Rotterdam (‘audiovisual design’ and ‘fine arts’). As an artist she created interactive multimedia installations in public space. After her master in arts at the Amsterdam Sandberg Institute, master classes at the Binger Institute and the Kids & Docs master class at IDFA she specialized in documentary.

When the weather permits it, Nienke loves camping with her 8-year-old son in their 1986 Volkswagen campervan. She photograph electricity poles all over the world, plays a mean game of mediocre volleyball and is addicted to bad TV with tough female heroines.


2013 Direction and scenario Star (15 min) for broadcaster AVRO (Z@PP)

Ten-year-old Eliyha grew up in a safe house with his mum. Now he wants to become a famous musical star so he can buy his mum a villa.
Part of The Eurovision Children’s Documentary series 2012-2013. Funded by The European Broadcasting Union and sold to several European Broadcasters.

2010 Direction and scenario Racer (15 min) for broadcaster AVRO (Z@PP)

Twelve-year-old Sophie has a rare muscular disease, but nothing will stop her from achieving her goal of becoming a formula 1 racer.
Part of The Eurovision Children’s Documentary series 2009-2010. Funded by The European Broadcasting Union and sold to several European Broadcasters.

2009 Direction and script Anna’s Story (15 min) for broadcaster AVRO (Z@PP).
Fifteen-year-old Anna decided to stop puberty when her mother died. She feels consoled by pop star Britney Spears, who acts out puberty for both of them.
Funded by the Media fund. Screened at Cinekid festival, IDFA Festival, Pink Film days Amsterdam, Prix de Jeunesse (Munich, Germany), International Women’s Film Festival Seoul (Korea), Festival Makedox (Skopje, Macedonia)

2009 Direction, script, camera and editing FAN (52 min) for broadcaster NCRV document.
Filmmaker Nienke Eijsink is on a quest for her childhood idol and first love: Doctor Chris from Australian TV series The Flying Doctors, played by actress Liz Burch. Her mission: to pluck Liz Burch from obscurity and give her the starring role in her debut film!
Screened at several film festivals and cinemas around The Netherlands, Australia and Asia.
Funded by Film fund, Stimulation Fund, CoBoFund and Amsterdam Arts Fund

2008 Direction, script, camera and editing Raven’s Book (12 min) 

Four-year-old Raven has two lesbian mothers. They made him a book about the way his life began, how will he react? Screened at The Pink Film days, Cinema Balie Amsterdam, Lantaarn Venster Rotterdam, Filmliga Hengelo, FIRE Barcelona (Spain)

2013 reporter / director Man Bijt Hond (NCRV) daily human interest TV show
2013 director / producer Het Geheim Van (NCRV) series exploring successful TV formats from the past
2012 director Holland’s Got Talent (RTL4) talent show for commercial broadcaster RTL4
2007-2009 programme maker for public broadcaster NCRV, developing and creating concepts for TV, narrowcasting & internet